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My YouTube addiction + hair cut

so i guess its been a while since i last posted…

well to be honest, nothing has been that exiting in my life, the only thing that has happened is me getting a hair cut, (love it) and me getting addicted to YouTube,(seriously I binge watch for about 4 hours a time!) yeah,  just your normal middle class problems, and that just about sums up the last 4 months of my life. anyway enough about me, whats been happening in your lives, anything new? why don’t you tell me in the comments


Fat people are gross – The fat stigma

Fat people are gross – The fat stigma.

flipping stereo types



this is one of my favorite websites on the internet today, and no, it’s not like Minecraft on 3DS or anything, I don’t even know what that is! anyway it’s just a magazine website for girls, and women i superpose, its helped me a lot and maybe you to.