“But no matter what i feel, or think, my teeth are a part of me, and by hating them i’m only hating me.”

OK. for my entire life i have wanted something, this something will make me feel like a better person, and in my eyes benefit my life. this thing is not money or a boyfriend, a baby, or a car. this thing that i want so desperately is..  A Normal Smile i know this sounds stupid, your thinking ‘come on how could that change your life’ well here’s the thing my teeth are effed-up and wonky, to say the lest. and the crappy thing is that, the worst part of my mouth is my two front teeth, i can’t even smile properly, and as soon as i meet someone new, i see them looking at my teeth, and then they start to think about them, and then become scared of me. my two front teeth are the two things that i feel are destroying my life, in every possible way. braces, or the removal of some of my teeth, things that  can help me, they would fix every problem i have, but the reason i am talking to you now, is because i can’t have anything done too my mouth, i’m allergic to the anesthetic, and if i want to use some other type of anesthetic, i have to pay for it, and that’s going to cost money, money i don’t have.  and to make this worse i’m a teenage girl, now i don’t care about being pretty, but the people around me (peers)  are just being to quick to judge, and i feel like an outsider in both my class, family, and to the world.

this is probably something i need to talk to someone about, because its really depressing me, thanks for listing to me rambling on about my problems.

( by the way, have dyslexia so i’m sorry if my grammar was a bit off)




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